Jailyn in front of some trees smiling. The photo is from the chest up. They have tanned skin, brown hair worn up in space buns, and brown eyes. They are wearing a red turtleneck and a blue jacket.


Hi! I am Jailyn and my background in film and social media and deep love for video games has inspired me to discover how our experiences drive our interactions with digital media. I am currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon studying Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. I love the magic of finding out what people need and what’s the best way to give it to them.

Things I am Proud of:

  • Co-authored a paper accepted to the CHI conference on accessible research methods
  • Was featured in Brooklyn Magazine for my street fashion
  • Have a very handsome cat


Jailyn's cat Clyde. He is a black and white short-haired cat. He is posing looking of to the side with a red light shining on his face on the left and a blue on the right.
An album cover photo that Jailyn took. The name of the album action is at the top and the main photo is a white man with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He is sitting criss-cross in front of a white background and holding a clock in his hands.
A castle in spain is in the background and in the foreground there are flowers and greenery.